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Friday, November 18, 2005

Handy, handy, handy...

Category: Learned

I have discovered some very useful Firefox extensions today... "Content Holder", "EZ Sidebar", "2 Pane Bookmarks", . I submitted various ideas at the programmer's forums including some scripts on how to make frames out of a selection (and also move it into a "content holder" (i.e., an extra browser window that one can slide into or out of view and drag links from into one's main browser window). With extra screen space becoming possible, it is cool to see the tools come about to allow one to integrate different data sources together (in this case webpages or file directories since Firefox can browse these too) in one view. It's a real pity his Tab extensions program is not so stable or compatible with other extensions, because it is a brilliant conception. "Tab Catalog" is pretty cool too, though not as essential for navigation, I think.

Last night I made huge progress on a PHP/Javascript program I have been making...I am eager to try a PHP/Javascript combination to allow column file-browsing and viewing/editing in one's browser...

I got AdSense to work today! Now, I just hope the account is approved to give me a potential outlet down the road for some extra income (I don't expect much if anything, especially with my blog as it is now, but...)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Category: Learned

Cool...Upon searching the internet this time, I came across an apparently easy-to-use distribution of Linux for the Mac, Ubuntu...The nice thing is that it can run on just the CD if desired...I'm interested to support open-source as much as possible...

Category: To-do

I want to learn if there are mass-produced open-patent computers which only use patents under a license like GPL, so that people can modify the hardware freely...

Category: Wish

It'd be cool for Firefox (SeaMonkey?) to be able to include OpenOffice inside of its windows for editing from live HTML source (including local HTML or text files)...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Evening update

All right, the story so far...

Most useful thing I did today was probably finally submitting some of my ideas for Firefox and Thunderbird in a place where the real developers can see them: Not very structured, but at least it is in a good location.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Another day

Category: Done

Ok, so far, I have added a key command for invoking foXpose, a helpful Firefox extension to get a bird's eye view of all of one's tabs.

Category: Done
Category: Waiting

I completed a submission to for to be open-sourced there (perhaps alongside Jonah's site?--awaiting a reply).


Category: Wish
No, I don't think I'll switch, at least for now, to trying a wiki blog...This one is too nice for categorizing as well as for template customizability...It'd be too much of a hassle to do it at a wiki, unless I went through the trouble of doing a separate page/post and categorizing that...I hope Mediawiki will allow categorization of individual sections (maybe someone could make an extension).


Category: Done

I need to look at my page history to see what I did today, since I've mostly been online. Added keyboard shortcuts tips to the relevant pages (though neglected to mention many are already in the Help of the program)

Category: Recommendation

I highly recommend (for Mac users at least) the program BlogAssist for doing blogging. Nice to paste in links that way (though I am really thinking of switching into a wiki for the easier code).

Category: To-do

Looked for way to get Google results in RSS (to search for my user name in recent posts, since Wikicities has so many sites I may contribute to that I don't want to have to check each watchlist or even recentchanges list. Didn't have much luck finding any existing feeds that would work on the web. Maybe I could make one for PHP and add one to .

Category: Waiting

Very interested to get open-sourced, perhaps through . Bugzilla seemed only oriented for bugs and the plugins or whatever third-party solutions didn't seem so intelligible to this newbie.

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