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Friday, November 18, 2005

Handy, handy, handy...

Category: Learned

I have discovered some very useful Firefox extensions today... "Content Holder", "EZ Sidebar", "2 Pane Bookmarks", . I submitted various ideas at the programmer's forums including some scripts on how to make frames out of a selection (and also move it into a "content holder" (i.e., an extra browser window that one can slide into or out of view and drag links from into one's main browser window). With extra screen space becoming possible, it is cool to see the tools come about to allow one to integrate different data sources together (in this case webpages or file directories since Firefox can browse these too) in one view. It's a real pity his Tab extensions program is not so stable or compatible with other extensions, because it is a brilliant conception. "Tab Catalog" is pretty cool too, though not as essential for navigation, I think.

Last night I made huge progress on a PHP/Javascript program I have been making...I am eager to try a PHP/Javascript combination to allow column file-browsing and viewing/editing in one's browser...

I got AdSense to work today! Now, I just hope the account is approved to give me a potential outlet down the road for some extra income (I don't expect much if anything, especially with my blog as it is now, but...)


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