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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Ok, so I've come to believe that blogs can be more than just belly-button picking exercises...If nothing else, I can keep track of what I am doing.

I'm moving from after hitting the back button erased what I had been doing. I also like the AdSense feature here, though I doubt this is going to be a page of interest to millions.

What I did today

The first day of my summer vacation, I... Sorry...


Category: Done
1) Submitted Chinese Writings as permitted by publisher

Category: To-do
2) Waiting on seeing if someone can help convert Chinese to text with a few further books which are in PDF (as images).

Chinese study

Category: Done
1) Reached a very basic level for the "basic" 1062 characters of my study book.

Category: To-do
2) Find a way (SQL--FileMakerPro won't sort Chinese characters) to add mnemonics in a relational database (using other free existing resources). (see if or other places have free databases or make one--get info on radical, additional root, pinyin, simple and traditional characters, component characters, compounds, word frequency, topical category, etc.; do for Persian and Arabic at some point--transliterator--see


Category: Done
1) Cross-referenced this, this, and this for the sake of to show what Firefox tools exist related to the Baha'i Faith.

To move to Wikipedia if/when I am not somewhere it is blocked (volunteers to do it for me?)

Category: To-do
Category: Waiting
* To add to here and
here. This is a useful script for a Firefox extension to allow you to jump immediately to a wiki page's edit page. This script can be modified for adding customized context menus where one wishes to append something within or at the beginning or end of a URL.
* Go to the former Wikipedia how-to page here to get the old code (the latest edit after mine which did not resort the items into skill, etc.--i.e., by topic) and bring it over to Wikibooks:How-tos_bookshelf to replace or as an alternate categorization. Question also at the Wikipedia why short how-tos should go to a domain about "books". See why it could not be kept there for shorter how-tos...


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