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Monday, November 14, 2005


Category: Done

I need to look at my page history to see what I did today, since I've mostly been online. Added keyboard shortcuts tips to the relevant pages (though neglected to mention many are already in the Help of the program)

Category: Recommendation

I highly recommend (for Mac users at least) the program BlogAssist for doing blogging. Nice to paste in links that way (though I am really thinking of switching into a wiki for the easier code).

Category: To-do

Looked for way to get Google results in RSS (to search for my user name in recent posts, since Wikicities has so many sites I may contribute to that I don't want to have to check each watchlist or even recentchanges list. Didn't have much luck finding any existing feeds that would work on the web. Maybe I could make one for PHP and add one to .

Category: Waiting

Very interested to get open-sourced, perhaps through . Bugzilla seemed only oriented for bugs and the plugins or whatever third-party solutions didn't seem so intelligible to this newbie.


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