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Saturday, July 04, 2009


Howdy all,

I think I'm pretty much going to move to for my own website, and for my blog. I like the full control of not being dependent on any commercial site which may try to charge me later, add advertisements I don't want, etc. I'm not complaining about anything now (Blogspot is quite cool for the control it offers I think), but as I experienced with Yahoo where I used my email frequently enough that when I want to get access to my mails in a manner I want, I have to pay for their POP access. Not cool. So, having full control over my data (beyond the spammers in this world operating with impunity) is a good thing. I also have a smaller chance of having my personal site get blocked now that I am living in a country which will block a whole large website if a few pages on the article offend it. There's strength in diversity...

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