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Saturday, July 04, 2009


Howdy all,

I think I'm pretty much going to move to for my own website, and for my blog. I like the full control of not being dependent on any commercial site which may try to charge me later, add advertisements I don't want, etc. I'm not complaining about anything now (Blogspot is quite cool for the control it offers I think), but as I experienced with Yahoo where I used my email frequently enough that when I want to get access to my mails in a manner I want, I have to pay for their POP access. Not cool. So, having full control over my data (beyond the spammers in this world operating with impunity) is a good thing. I also have a smaller chance of having my personal site get blocked now that I am living in a country which will block a whole large website if a few pages on the article offend it. There's strength in diversity...


  • Good Stuff Brett.

    I'd recommend anything that let's you write posts as markdown in your favourite code-editor, version controlled under git.

    Working that way is so much more natural to us coders than wrestling with wysiwyg editors only to see your layout messed up after another change.

    I can recommend Jekyll and Octopress (based on Jekyll, I use this one myself as it's aimed at programmers and contains some more features for us. but the community is a bit smaller and some may feel it's more bloated than Jekyll)

    Anyway, good to see you blogging!

    Best wishes,

    By Blogger kvz, at Thursday, 30 May, 2013  

  • Damn, this popped up in my RSS reader for some reason. Only now I see it was from 2009.

    Lordy lord.

    But maybe it's time to pick things uo again? Would be cool to read from you.


    By Blogger kvz, at Thursday, 30 May, 2013  

  • Thanks, Kev! I may take a look, as I currently have some time freeing up.

    By Blogger Brett, at Thursday, 30 May, 2013  

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