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Thursday, December 08, 2005

My new blog?

I didn't like how this blog does not allow side-by-side diffs as wiki does for each and every change to the blog (I like to reedit old posts, not to mention have the ability to transclude them inside of other, more organized pages.) However, I really like Blogger's template ability. So, I am trying here the best of both worlds. I hope Wikicities will expand to encourage this kind of blogging. It can only help their revenue (and it wouldn't hurt Blogger's either, since I am using AdSense through them, etc.)

The following shows all changes to my blog entries (actually changes to all Wikicities pages linking to my blog), not only new pages (like RSS usually does--though see and search for "" and "Brettz9" and then get the XML link (if it is working--not apparently working now) and use that as the feed for the below wiki blog (all changes)).

My main user page at Wikicities is here (includes links to various other items of interest for me), but here is the main page of the blog iteself (a page which transcludes all the entries):


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