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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Open is not just for code anymore

Ok, I know this is not really a new thing, but my discovery of it for myself is recent.

I really like these two artists (haven't tried too many so far). This site seems to have a nice selection and interface.

First is Josh Woodward's The Simple Life. This is mostly pop-folk which could easily be on commercial radio, yet this individual has generously put it under a non-commercial license which even allows derivative works. A nice selection of songs. "Memorized", "Afterglow", and "Go" could surely become hits, "Shadows in the Moonlight" has a pleasant retro feel. "The Mission" and "Me and Billy Barnum" provide other genres. The songs are well-produced yet keep some nice idiosyncrasies. Some songs remind me of REM.

Pierre Lacroix's work is under a non-commercial license as well, and has some really nifty mellow pieces, a few of which sound like the Beatles: "On the Road Again" on the Sunshine album is interesting. "Nobody Care" on his album "The River" is also a memorable one. Some have the feel of Bob Dylan, and there are mellow instrumentals. Across his albums (I downloaded all I think) here are a few songs that I didn't care too much for (maybe 20%), but overall there are some really enjoyable songs. The production sounds like it was recorded in the early-mid 1900's like it was playing on an old radio, yet it seems to work for the music. The music is not overproduced, and in a few cases, I think is underproduced.

Others can surely give better synopses and commentary, but I just enjoyed them enough to plug them a little...

I really dig this open music phenomenon and hope it will challenge the status quo way of doing things.

Love to hear my bud Caleb's thoughts on this... You have any music you'd release this way? I hear Nine Inch Nails and a few other mainstream artists are trying this out a little (for a few of their songs in the hope people may go and buy others). A Brazilian musician (and the culture minister) who is a proponent of and is releasing his music under "copyleft" licenses was an interesting person to read about.


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