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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Strange observation...

I can consistently give myself nightmares by drinking milk or eating ice cream at night.

Since paying attention to this phenomenon, I've also discovered that I have slightly more paranoid tendencies when I drink milk. No, I don't mean hearing voices, believing helicopters are going to get me, or anything like that... But I do notice I am more prone to suspiciousness, etc.

This is really interesting to me. While I must admit, this could have some idiosyncratic connection, this really has me wondering about paranoia in cultures, etc. I swear, after waking up, I felt like I'd be able to write horror films (though God forbid I'd ever want to).

Food for thought... (especially since milk is, as they say, a food)

In searching the net to see if there were any known medical connection between the two, I came across this article (which doesn't refer to my supposed connection) which I thought was interesting: I then went to the Wikipedia article on milk and was disappointed to find something which read, in parts, like a milk brochure from some dairy farmer's association--which then made me think of Wikiscanner, the fascinating project to identify the source of Wikipedia edits -- see also and for ongoing examples, see ) and I wondered whether the dairy industry was editing the milk page. Then again, maybe this is a paranoid delusion brought on by the milk.


  • drinking milk before you lay down has been show to cause acid reflux. I can't imagine acid reflux would have a positive effect on your dreams.

    By Blogger BW, at Thursday, 21 February, 2008  

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